As a growing company that likes to be challenged, we’re open to a broad range of ideas and projects; in short – don’t stress about whether your project is or isn’t suitable for us. This is something we will decide on when considering your design or idea. If we don’t think we’re capable, or we don’t think something is possible, we will always suggest ways around the problem, or other companies that might be able to help – free advice basically.

For reference, everything in our Portfolio was created and finished entirely in-house by our staff, with our own equipment – most of it was designed by our staff as well.

We’re a young company with young ideas, our enthusiasm, extremely high level of quality control and willingness to experiment and innovate is what sets us apart from our competitors. We’re a solutions based bunch and we’re ready to be your solution for laser cutting and etching in Sydney and New South Wales.


Our Workshop

Bespoke Laser maintains a well equipped workshop with a 100W laser cutter, a 120W laser cutter, wood-working machinery, numerous power & hand tools for finishing, and a showroom.

Although we assess every project individually, we generally complete projects that are, when broken down into their smallest parts, up to a maximum of 1200 wide x 900mm long and 500mm deep entirely in-house. We can also accommodate materials up to 3m long in our laser machines in certain circumstances. Cutting of materials less than 8-12mm (excluding metals and ceramics) takes place entirely in house as well, and we can glue layers of thinner material together to achieve any desired thickness. We also have access to larger, more powerful machines off-site capable of cutting metals, ceramics & glass.


Our Team

We employ an Industrial Designer and Engineer full time, and several Graphic Designers, trained CNC Machinists and Assemblers on a job-by-job basis depending on the specific skill set required – this gives us good scope over all facets of the design and production process. Although young, we know our craft well, and we think it shows where it matters: in our work.