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Bespoke Laser is a laser cutting, engraving & finishing studio based in Sydney’s CBD. We open up the creative potential of this unique and versatile form of manufacturing to Designers, Creative Agencies, Commercial Industries, Small Businesses and Individuals.

We seek out projects that push us, your creativity, and the boundaries of what laser cutting is capable of. These projects range from one-off & small production runs, right through to larger projects. Above all this is our commitment to a modern, engaging and professional service not found elsewhere in the industry – as Industrial & Graphic Designers ourselves, we have a handle on what this kind of service involves.

Bespoke Laser was established in 2012 by the Bespoke Trading Company, after many years of offering their own custom made product ranges that predominantly utilised CNC laser machinery. In late 2013 Bespoke Laser was purchased by award winning digital Sydney print house Carbon8 Pty Ltd adding even greater scope and value to our services.


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What drives us? – There are a few new forces at work in the modern world, that we think will really change the way things are made; one of them is the direct digital manufacturing movement. Manufacturing is moving away from high volume, generic production, towards low volume, unique production – more personalised, more craft-oriented, locally produced and better designed. Laser cutting is the most versatile, cost effective, fastest and easiest to design for example of manufacturing currently known – for the creation of both 2D and 3D objects.

Although 3D Printing receives a lot of attention in the mainstream media as being the tool that’s driving a revolution, we know that laser cutting has it’s place too, as It provides the most natural and cost effective transition from digital designs to real objects, and presents the fewest barriers to entry – particularly for those already used to 2D & vector based design.

Our Mission? – To make the awesome potential of laser cutting, engraving and finishing more accessible, to more people – especially graphic designers, event planners, artists, branding and marketing agencies. We specialise in bespoke, unique projects that others can’t comprehend, or won’t bother tackling – and we aren’t limited to just laser cutting (see our capabilities page for more details).