Terms & Conditions

Everybody makes mistakes, although we do so very rarely. In any case, we believe that rarely will an error be entirely the fault of one party, and as a premium service provider, we do aim to take as much care as we can to get things right, even when we might not be obliged to do so.
These points were established to make our responsibilities to you the customer clear and transparent – they are not intended to be a get-out-of-jail-free card in every single situation. As a modern, honest and ethical company, our primary aim is to make our customers happy – not upset them. If we make a mistake, we will do what is fair to right the situation, but we will not respond to aggressiveness, or demands when avenues for compromise are closed, so please keep this in mind.
If any point here concerns you, or might prevent you from carrying out a certain job with us, then please get in touch and let us know, as we are more than happy to make exceptions to these rules when a situations demands it – as long as we agree in writing to such needs prior to confirmation/payment.



1. Full payment must be made prior to the commencement of production, unless other arrangements have been made in writing. We will accept bank transcripts etc. as confirmation in instances where funds may take time to transfer.


2. Bespoke Laser does not accept the terms of any other party simply by default, such as those contained in a purchase order, email footer, invoice or similar. We accept only the terms that we have been made specifically aware of on a job-by-job basis, and will only ever confirm these via a signed agreement, or by manually filling in a check-box acceptance of such terms online.


3. All prices quoted or invoice by Bespoke Laser do not include the costs associated with revisions or changes to an order once it has been confirmed or paid for. These will be quoted and invoiced separately, as it can be difficult and costly to alter designs and parts once production has begun or been completed. If you need to know exactly what the finished product will look like, then you must request a sample or proof, which we are more than happy to provide.


4. If Bespoke Laser is carrying out any work that is not simply laser cutting, such as sanding, varnishing etc, then the point above also applies. In instances where a sample is not possible, such as a large, expensive one-off, then you must be willing to allow us to have creative freedom over the elements that you have not provided us with fully detailed engineering drawings for, or request that we create such detailed specifications for you (for a small fee) to approve before proceeding.


5. Unless otherwise made aware of, and acknowledged in writing, Bespoke Laser assumes any job we are associated with is for personal use of a non-functional nature. If you have concerns over how something might work or perform, feel free to discuss this with us before job confirmation/payment.


6. We allow customers 7 business days from receipt of goods to make us aware of any defects associated directly with the work we have performed, as long as the goods have not been used in any way other than what we have been previously made aware of or assumed. It is standard practice to check at least 10% of parts for such defects immediately upon receipt of goods – if you require longer to do so, simply let us know prior to confirmation/payment.


7. Unless Bespoke Laser has charged a design/certification fee for such work, and/or have agreed specifically in writing to do so on a job-by-job basis, we will not accept responsibility or liability for any issues, accidents or defects associated with, or caused by the design, construction or functionality of a part or project we are involved with. We can manage the certification process of design drawings, structures, wiring, lighting etc by qualified professionals for a fee if need be, but we do not provide this service by default.


8. Shipping or delivery is not included with any order unless specified in the final invoice, or previously agreed to in writing.


9. Due to the nature of laser kerf and material thickness variance, we cannot guarantee accuracy below +-0.6mm unless we have been made aware of, and agreed to (in writing), the need for tighter tolerances prior to confirmation/payment. We can achieve tighter tolerances if need be.


10. In jobs involving alignment/registration to a pre-processed object (such as pre-printed sheets of paper with crop-marks), we cannot guarantee accuracy or alignment greater than about +-1mm. If you require greater accuracy (in cases where artwork is very close to a straight edge etc.) then please let us know prior to confirmation/payment.


11. Completion dates are not guaranteed unless we have stated (in writing) otherwise, in a definite manner. Phrases such as “We will do our best” or “it’s likely” are not definite. We do not accept responsibility for deadlines unless we have agreed to take such responsibility in writing – in these cases, we will not refund any amount greater than 50% of the job total. We offer an overnight rush-job option if need be. Any stated turnaround times are from the date that we receive final design drawings, payment and job confirmation.


12. If materials are to be supplied by the customer, we must be made aware of this prior to confirmation/payment, and we require overs equivalent to 10% of the total. This is because there is a level of trial and error testing involved with setting up your project.


13. In cases where a customer supplies materials but overs cannot be reasonably supplied, Bespoke Laser insures these goods for 50% of their agreed value, up to a total of $100AUD, in the event of a machine or laser operator error. We will not accept responsibility for errors associated with incorrect file set-up or design. An example of where this condition might apply is when engraving expensive electronic equipment, a musical instrument, exotic materials or similar.


14. Bespoke Laser operates in accordance with Australian & New South Wales Law, and adopts the standard Terms & Conditions that manufacturers under these laws follow. The points mentioned above are simply a casual interpretation of the most relevant standard Terms & Conditions for our customers, as they relate more directly to the way we operate on a daily basis.